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tv   Senator John Cornyn  CSPAN  February 11, 2012 3:05pm-3:51pm EST

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capturing, detaining and lawfully interrogating these same terrorists to gain actionable intelligence and stop future attacks. then, there is holder's determination to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay, even though congress has, for many good reasons, banned these terrorists from american soil. you will recall at one. , folder even considered moving these gtmo terrorists to michigan. so i will ask you one last time -- is this the kind of conduct that should instill confidence in the president of the united states? thank goodness he did not get his way. holder's record on gtmo, the ksm trial, the cia interrogators, and the justice department
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memos demonstrate that he is concerned with satisfying -- more concerned with satisfying president obama's left-wing political base then he is with doing his job. indeed, holder pose a political antenna are always up. how else do you explain his position on the defense of marriage act? as you recall, president obama and eric holder have refused to defend the constitutionality of the defense of marriage act, even though it passed with overwhelming bipartisan majorities in congress, even though president clinton signed it into law and even though it enjoys broad support from the american people. even though folder refuses to -- even wilder refuses to defend doma, his justice department is
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busy defending unconstitutional overreaches like obamacare and like the president's recent bogus appointments to the consumer financial protection bureau and the national labor relations board. [applause] but you see, that does not seem to bother attorney general holder one bit because, as we all know, he serves at the pleasure of president obama, and he enjoys his complete confidence. one final point -- president obama said that -- famously that elections have consequences, and we all know it is true. eric holder is a perfect example of just one of the bad consequences from the election of 2008 and why the 2012 election is so vitally important.
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when you elect a liberal president, when you elect a liberal supermajority in the united states senate, you get a liberal each journey to -- attorney general like eric holder. so the best way to get a new attorney general is to get a new president and to get a new senate majority, which we will, with your help in 2012. thank you and god bless all of you. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> [inaudible] >> my name is michelle. >> i believe in limited government.
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>> i believe in free market. >> free market. >> and personal responsibility. >> of unprintable, not party. >> i vote on principles. >> not party. >> i vote on principles. >> i vote on the bindles, not party. >> i want a responsible government. >> i want a responsible government. >> responsibility. >> i want responsibility. >> i am the tea party. >> i am the tea party. >> i am the tea party. >> i am. >> are you the tea party? a visit
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>> the screen is slightly lower. it is about an inch -- ♪ >> ♪ the cars got gasoline to run down the road the crops got maine, dirt, and son to make them grow the clocks that time you got me and, baby, i got you ♪ ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, just in stockton, chief strategist for the tea party [inaudible] ♪ [applause] >> wow, this room is full. it is awesome to see everybody. it is a crazy thing. i came here a year ago just to network. i bummed a cast of one of my friends. it is such an honor to be able to speak with you today. we have an unbelievably talented lineup of tea party people and activists who have in three short years changed the country.
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i want to give a shout out to my host organization, theteapart the team that put this together has worked unbelievably hard and deserves an unbelievable amount of credit. please give my team a round of applause. [applause] i'm going to start bringing out our panelists. the first one is a very good friend of mine. i have spent many long hours in the back of buses traveling -- traveling the country talking with her. she is the chairman of the tea party express, one of the original founders of the atlanta at the tea party. [applause] >> thank you, justin. >> amy left tea party patriots
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and join the tea party express as director of grass-roots coalition, and now, she is one of the most recognizable faces of the tea party movement. she does an unbelievable job, and i love her so much. amy kramer. >> thank you. >> our next panelist is kevin jackson. he is the author of the critically acclaimed book "the big black live -- lie." kevin has been featured on the plan that program, rush limbaugh, tom gibson, etc.. he is a national speaker, a radio show host on settling communications, and a frequent guest on a variety of other national radio shows. kevin writes his almost daily blog and is a syndicated writer.
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featured in town hall magazine and any other and he is hilarious, so he will entertain you guys tonight. no pressure. our next guest is jennifer -- i need some water up here. jennifer stefano, state director of pennsylvania for americans for prosperity. [applause] jennifer is unexpected political career began in april 2009 when she attempted to spend a day at the park with her husband and newborn baby. instead of a quiet family picnic, they stumbled onto a tea party rally. [applause] soon after, she started organizing and leading rallies from harrisburg to d.c., organizing busloads of her fellow activists and protests of
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obama's health care takeover, it marks and excessive government spending. for work and outspoken demeanor earned her the nickname "the tea party rock star." jennifer is a wife, a mother, and a terrible singer. >> thanks. >> our next panelist is the editor in chief of big journalism. [applause] a cnn contributor and hosts her own radio show. her original brand of a young, conservative irreverent has found a fast-growing audience in multiple mediums. a former award winning newspaper columnist, she began blogging in 2001 and was named one of the top 16 most powerful mothers on line by nielsen. she appears regularly on fox, cnn, cbs, abc, and hbo's "real
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time," which is also because we have to go into in it -- enemy territory and was the first and only female guest host for the popular michael savage, who called her his mental match. she speaks regularly on the subject of new media, serves as a grass-roots organizer, having co-founded the st. louis t party before, creating the gateway grassroots initiative and is credited with having helped take [inaudible] out of new york 23. [applause] our last panelist is another young conservative superstar, ryan hecker. ryan is the c o o of freedom works for america and a houston- based lawyer. who launched the contract from america project. hundreds of thousands of people voted for their favorite
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principles online to create the contract and it is an open source platform for the tea party movement. the agenda has the intent of everyday citizens every step of the way. while the republicans' 1999 contract with america represented the nation's last intellectual economic conservative movement, the new contract was created from the bottom up, so please give a big round of applause to our entire panel. [applause] now we are going to let everybody give some brief remarks. as you guys know, the title of this panel is "taking wall street that -- back: the tea party movement versus occupy." >> thank you so much. thank you for putting the cpac
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together. i mean, this is inspiring, and we need this energy and inspiration going forward because we have a lot of work to do in this 2012 election cycle. it is up to us to take back this country from this current administration and the left, so uninspired leaving here this weekend and honored to be here with all these great people. obviously, the tea party has had a significant impact on the political landscape across this country. in the past 68 months, we have heard about occupy wall street and seen it happen all across the country, starting in new york city. the media want to write the narrative that occupy wall street is alive and well, and the post their pictures and their videos and everything of their bright signs and forster's people, and they are writing these stories that the tea party
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movement is dead. well, i have news for them -- the tea party movement is not dead. we are alive and well. [applause] we are alive and well. we have grown and matured into a tea party 2.0, and do not judge us by our sons or the number of people that show up at our rallies, but judge us by our votes on election day when occupy wall street is still out that their rallies or at the protest because they are mad. the difference in the movements is that we have great ideas. we have truly changed the political landscape. not only on a federal level, but on a national -- on a state and local level. and that is happening across this country. we are truly having an impact, and we are not backing down, and
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we are not giving up. if anything, this tea party movement is going to have an impact on the united states senate when we take that gamble out of harry reid's hand -- when we take that gamble -- when we take that gavel out of harry reid's hand. [applause] that is right and we're going to retain the house. the reason the tea party movement has been so successful is because we have great ideas and we understand that we have to take action to implement those ideas. if you truly want to implement change, you change the players, and the most powerful tool we have as our vote. we showed that in 2010, and we are going to show it in 2012. in occupy wall street, on the other hand, they resorted to all kinds of tactics. are not want to get into it because it is not worthy of our
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time. we are here to save america and to protect the great constitution that america was founded upon. that is what we are here for. that is what we are going to do. this movement -- it is something that has been created by the left. these people -- i mean, obviously they were out in front of the hotel yesterday. i do not know how many of you were here and saw them. it paid, i guess, $60 a day to come here. the unions are infiltrating them because they see the value of it. but you know what? that is okay. we are not paid for the spirit we believe in it. it is about passion. we are going to take this country back. and we are going to continue to move forward. that is why i am blessed to be here and be part of cpac and be with all these great panelists
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here because we are all about grass roots, and we believe in this country. thank you so much. >> thank you, amy. >> i will tell you this. occupy has [inaudible] it is a movement that has 1 foot on the grave and the other on a banana peel, and i will promise you, more people watch my kids fifth grade youtube videos than watch that crap. [applause] i will be brief. i think these guys are not jobs. i was so happy that they are here. i love to confront lunacy in all its forms, and this is a perfect example of it. i am happy to talk them down. a guy came up to me at the event and ask why we did not have anyone on occupy on the panel, and i said, "why should we? you never have people on our
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side talking about your issues." by the way, how many black people are in occupy? what is in the media cover that? >> that is what i love about you, kevin. you always pull your punches. all right, jennifer. >> the number one question i get asked is what is the difference between the tea party and occupy? i'm one of these political nerds now so i can get into the policy issues, but i always say one thing -- if you are standing in a room and not sure how to separate it, do one thing -- raise an american flag. the tea party will stand, but their hands of the heart and pledged to it while the occupiers defecate on it. you tell me -- that is the difference. [applause] the tea party but came about --
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like i said, i was a stay at home mother, a homemaker, and a wide, and a practitioner of the domestic arts, which i love, and there is nothing i -- [applause] thank you. thank you. terrible singer, but wonderful cook. so here is the deal. we are standing arm in arm today so our children do not have to pick up arms in the future to defend liberty that is being literally taken from us, but which is in doubt to was not by a government but by our creator, and we need to proclaim that every day of our lives. one more thing i will say -- when i started in this movement, a was an unfit housewife wearing a t-shirt and waving a flag. today, i am a patriot in the movement by americans for prosperity. i always get asked the same question -- they always bring up the river is in the big evil
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americans for prosperity, and here is what i say to that -- if americans for prosperity or anyone would like to cut me a check and defend the cause of liberty, i will do two things -- have the cash it and kiss them -- i will catch it and kiss them and in that order. this gal is a capitalist. [applause] the tea party movement came about because we do not need a leader to save us and restore us to greatness. dallas, take it to the bank -- we were always great, and we will show that in 2012 and beyond. [applause] that you amaze me. all right, data. >> i read that the union bosses
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had paid these occupiers. i went out to see how many of them there were, to see what they were saying. they had a big giant golden toilet out there. they paid them $60 a day. i think that we could probably take up a collection and pay them $70 a day to go and protest outside of the white house. [applause] there's three difference is that i see between the occupy movement and the 20 party movement. first, i want to address the issue of astroturf thing. it amazes me how progress is believed that conservatives cannot go out in public and peacefully assemble and cannot raise their american flags and do things to help promote conservatism without being paid, and i think what we have seen from the occupy movement is that it is because how they live. they get paid to go and fight
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for their ideology. we actually believe the things we say, so we are willing to go out and do it for free. [applause] the guest on my show yesterday was the spokeswoman for the coke industry, and i asked her, as she was sitting across from me, i said i was going to take the opportunity, but for so long, i have been told that i work for you, and where is my check? i started looking into all of the product that the coke industries make. probably everything on this table comes from some sort of company that is affiliated with the coke industry. it progresses, it occupiers are so infuriated and offended at the mere existence of this company, then why are they still buying and using an even making money off of all of their products because you know they are?
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so there is that. we are out here as part of the tea party movement. i started much in the same way jennifer did. i had been working in media and radio and blogging since 2001. i had never really gone out and held up a plaque and and when up to protest because for conservatives to do that, it was sort of odd. you have never seen it before. but people were so fed up. we have been out there protesting for less government, and here comes along this movement that started via a canadian company called atbuster's, who receives money from the tides foundation, and move funds that? george soros. we are protesting for less government, and they are protesting for more. tell me how that is american. it is not. that is not patriotic. we are protesting for less government intrusion. we are protesting to keep the government out of our bank account, out of our doctors' offices, our of our children's
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cafeteria, out of our homes, out of our churches -- i could go on. they want complete nanny state babysitting from cradle to grave. that is what they define as freedom and liberty -- when the government completely controls you enhance your everything and makes use self sustaining instead of you sustaining yourself. [applause] last difference, we have also had a lot of successes. 2010, the midterm elections, the tea party helped republicans and ensure they took a victory in the house of representatives. [applause] and we are going to do it again with the senate in 2012. [applause] one of the things the grass roots has insured is that this president -- barack obama has already been beaten. the media is keeping him on a lifeline right now. [applause]
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this is the same media that has been telling you that the occupy wall street movement is this all encompassing movement made up of people, people. i do not know if you have checked out, but my colleague has a list of over 300 criminal act -- rape, drug selling, drug using, child abandonment -- is " out there with the golden commode was the group that shot at the white house and through smoke bombs over the fence, but yet, we are the violent, racist, hillbilly, bitter, gun-toting rednecks. [applause] and in closing -- because you know i could go on -- i have a challenge for this grass roots movement. i have a challenge for every single tea party at there, every organizer, every group head,
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even just the people who do not so glorious work of petitioning or phone banking or going door- to-door. does not matter if you are on television or if you have a blog that is read by millions of people -- you are just as important as the next person, and do not let anyone ever tell you any differently. the challenge that i have for grassroots is this -- we are never -- we can change -- we can change at the politicians. we can put forward legislative efforts. we can do all of this during the elections, but it is not going to matter if we do not change the hearts and minds of the american voter. that is where it starts. politics is downstream from pop culture appeared support your conservatives in arts and entertainment. get involved. be a liberty invent -- evangelist. go where other people have not gone before. not be afraid. start converting them. mold their hearts and minds and then will we be able to see a permanent change in the
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electoral process. thank you. [applause] than a tough act to follow. brian? >> really tough act to follow. when asked what is the biggest difference between the tea party movement and occupy wall street , the first thought in my mind was soap. [applause] but similarly related, at every rally i have been too, the march in washington, throughout the country, i think everyone picked up their trash. everyone picked up their trash. there was not a single arrest, right? of any tea party activist in the entire country. they were searching for a race baiting, right? there was not a single racist action at any of these the party events around the country, right? but yet, at occupy wall street, we have a bunch of activists
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saying, "go home, jews" and "we hate the jews became the biggest difference is we care about this country and they care about themselves. [applause] i have been asked a number of times, "why is it that tea party folks are fighting for economic freedom and less taxes? you guys are mostly blue-collar, middle-class types. why would you want to do something that is against your own interests, and i say that is just it. the tea party movement is more than just our own interests. the tea party movement is about a set of values that we think america is losing. we are for economic freedom because we believe that the individual can make choices about how they choose to spend their money and it is not the government's place to make those choices for us. [applause]
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and i think that is really -- i think it is the seriousness of the tea party movement that really stands out from occupy wall street. occupy wall street is no different from any other g-a protest that has taken place over the last 30 years. the same group of anarchists, diluted college students, and, honestly, like [inaudible] the same algorithm of people without any focused message, but the tea party was focused because we are the middle 50% of america. because we care so much about this country. our goal -- the reason why the tea party movement started was not to get the press, right? the reason it starter was because a whole host of americans individually decided that they were fed up with america. they were fed up with the leadership in washington, and they were fed up with republicans. that was the key thing.
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they were fed up with republicans. it was not barack obama. it was the active republicans -- it was supporting charlie crist over marco rubio. that sort of mindset that it does not matter what you believe it matters what party he belongs to. i think the party is around the country recognized that the republican party no longer represented their interests as economic conservatives. [applause] but i think the major thing was not just the dislike of the republican party, it was anchored at ourselves, too, because we let this happen, and we were not going to let it happen any longer. so we have not. as the other panelists have brought up so far, one of the key differences between the occupy wall street movement and ours is that we have really made a difference, not just in terms
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of policy, not in terms of pushing the house to the right, but we made a direct difference in elections, and not just elections to get republicans elected, but elections to get conservatives elected. and that is the goal. i want to stress that. if the republicans take the senate and the senate is not conservative, then we have all failed. so we have to take our victories in 2010 and bring it to 2012. i'm glad everyone is here. there is a great battle going on in the other room right now with two leaders who are going to make that happen. what is said cruz, taking on david dewhurst in texas, and the other is richard murdock from indiana. [applause] -- one is 10 cruise -- one this ted crews.
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i think our movement has changed. the press has said the tea party movement is dead every six months, and then, we were in 2010, right? and then we elect -- and then we pushed our darndest through the house cut happen balance. we rise at the moment and push for grass-roots change, and we will be doing that in 2012. i just want to ask a question to all the media folks who are there -- who is here is a tea party supporter? [applause] it is amazing.
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folks, that is your answer. that is your answer. thanks, guys. >> dustin, i think going to have to get some reparations for my time. [laughter] you guys laid the case with such elegance i do not even have a ton to add. i just want to say i got involved in the tea party movement because i bought a home at the height of the housing boom. i have a wife and three daughters, and i was working as a forklift driver, and i watched the price of that home collapse, and i wanted answers. and you know where i got my answers? with the government manipulation of the free market. the bailout, the art of takeovers -- that is what got me motivated. when i first saw the occupy protests -- i will not even call it a movement -- the occupiy
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protests, i was hopeful that we shared something in common. question i put to you guys -- is there any redeeming quality in occupy? >> i would just say, they started -- they claimed they were mad at the banks being bailed out. well, guess what? we were, too, but where with a three years ago when we started protesting? -- where work day? >> you talked about going into enemy territory and win people over. is there any opportunity there, or is there not a chance? >> i think there was in the beginning. in st. louis, it did begin very steadily as a little grass roots movement. we know that it was completely hijacked by some of the people left the split at acorn group, and they believe the original founder of the movement in st. louis out of existence, and she went into the shade. she has not been backed out.
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it is manufactured. if they are so upset about wall street and so upset about the bank bailouts and everything else, as amy said, welcome to our club, and number two, why is it that the majority of you say that you're going to vote for robb obama? i know you have seen these videos with a drive into these things with their hybrid cars and their apple phones, and we have videographers that go out and interview them, and they say barack obama, barack obama, but he is the wall street candidate. nobody has got more money from wall street than this guy. >> and no one has given more back. >> right. >> the question i want to pose to you this with so much going on, is there a danger that by taking the anti-occupied -- is that how they are trying to marry us to the bank bailout? >> i'm not exactly sure about the question. the one thing i would say -- and
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i'm going to try to answer it in a roundabout way -- what i would take from occupy, philosophically, they are like sybil. they got multiple personalities. you do not know where they are coming from. one says they hit the bank, says i love capitalism. they are all over the map, and i think the tea party movement has remained relatively stable in terms of what we believe and our core values and things like that, but from the standpoint of what i think the tea party movement needs and the conservative movement in general is and what we can take from this is i admire the level of fight that the left brings to what they do. we like keeping things, as we say, very simple. we are not in civil times, folks. yes, you should clap for that. if you believe for one second that the ideology of the left, which is -- we were talking about it today. they change the definition of
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pedophilia to something like cross-generational sexuality or something like this. that is nuts. that is just crazy to me. and we allow this. they have people out in this audience. i have talked to many of you over the process of this. i had a panel on race relations, and people were saying african- american, african-american. there is no african-american. there is only an american. [applause] let me tell you something else before i lose the microphone to one of these pretty ladies -- i have been all over the world. i have lived in france. i have lived in china. i have trouble throughout africa. 22 countries and various other countries, and i have never heard of anything like the
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french dream or the chinese dream, but they all know what the american dream is, and that is what we are fighting for. [applause] as the national spokesperson for -- the only black national spokesperson which throws the left into a mix -- lord is one of my friends, and he is definitely black, and i think he is probably two or three shades blacker than i am, but here's the thing -- we need to be able to talk about these issues. occupied -- occupy is all over the map. they do not know what they stand for. i have no core values. as different as we may appear, we have the same core values. all of these folks out there, we have the same core values below one last point -- all you like people, none of you are the same color appear there is not a
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black person on the planet that is the same color. we are one of hyphenated america, and that is what we fight for. -- one un-hyphenated america, and that is what we fight for. [applause] >> how we hang the ugliness, the drugs, violence -- how do we then that to left liberal politicians? >> let them just -- use their own words against them. use their own words and their own actions. nobody likes to argue more than me. nobody likes to get into it more. when i was 3 years old, i was arguing about which dress to wear to school. i love to argue, and i know we love to fight, but here's what i will tell you -- just go quiet on them and ask a question. it is the hardest thing in the world, but these people are completely remarkable. they stormed the summit down in washington with americans for prosperity.
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the police tried to block the doors from them getting in and all of us getting out. and people want to walk up the front door, walked out, so i wanted to. i was behind a world war ii veteran in a wheelchair that hell, no.", if i can take on hitler, i can take on these bombs. [applause] -- these bums. that brave men went out there with his veteran had on and rolled his wheelchair, and you saw what happened. i was there. they shoved the woman down, but i just video of them and got them at their own words, and it is crucial to get that out. another thing we have to do that is crucial -- and it partier, start -- started the movement. independence is very important to all of us and i get it. there is a big discussion about
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coopting. the asking the question -- you have one question -- do i or do i not want to win? that is it. [applause] you are individuals with your own god-given freedom. you can work with whatever group you want. if you do not like it, you can walk away. there is no such thing as co- oping. let us not have the argument, does not have that consultation, does not have the division, and we do. let's pull that together and change the conversation. winning -- define it and then do it. >> i want to add to jennifer's point and also address the question about ending the violence in the occupy movement on liberal politicians. you do not need to then anything on them here they have already endorsed it. barack obama gave a speech endorsing the occupy wall street movement. the policy has given a speech
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endorsing it. chuck schumer, debbie wasserman- schulz, who is the chairman of the dmz -- the dnc. they have already endorsed this movement. this is something i find fascinating. st. louis, my city -- a great city. we had a veterans day parade and in the same year, we also had a parade for the returning iraqi veterans from iraq and afghanistan. [applause] what is fascinating about this is there were individuals who wanted to have a parade in new york city for the iraq and afghanistan war veterans, and new york said no. but what does new york to for months on end? they essentially allowed the occupy wall street astroturf
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group to operate without a permit and camp in the park without a permit and defecate on cop cars and cause problems in neighborhoods and will let me forget the raping and drug selling and all of that, all of the crime associated with it. they will let those people do that, but we cannot have a parade in new york city to welcome our veterans home. there is a huge difference right there. they have already endorsed this movement. remind them of this when you go back home, when you go to your district. if you talk to your elected official, asked them if they condone the violence in a move that, do they still endorse the movement after witnessing over 300 acts of documented violence? all these people have criminal records. that is not even include the over 2000 individuals who have been arrested at various protests because they will not abide by the law. ask them -- do you condone this? do you support this? that is how you defeat them. [applause]
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>> i think that is exactly the answer. we are kind of wrapping up. we have 12 minutes left, but i want to give each of you a chance to wrap it up and speak, so will go down the line and start with amy. >> i want to echo what data said. look, they are out here, outside of this hotel protesting us because we are a threat to their agenda. that is the bottom line. and if we were not a threat to their agenda, they would not be here. they would not be paying attention to us. it is the same thing with the media, the same thing with the left. we have to keep up the fight. we cannot back down. if not us, lou? and if not now, when? the only way we're going to change it is to put true statement into office that believe in the constitution, believe in the people and that
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believe that the power should be put back in the hands of the people and the states and not the federal government -- that is the answer. washington is not the answer.


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